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http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp87/serrival/ARM%20Portraits/aquagonportrait.png Information
Owner Aquagon
Race Human
Age 19
Height 5'9"
Weight 143.3 lbs.
Element Water
Weapon Sword and Shield
Ultimate Weapon Shinryuuga
Unique Skills
  • Dragon Wave
  • Tsunami
  • Hydranova
Voice Actor


Very cold and quiet to anyone he doesn't know well, but when anyone gets to know him, they see that he's very kind, though short-tempered. He's quite scholarly, and he always spends his time researching about things related to magic and science. Likes a lot to speak in lesser-known languages, of which his favorite one is his mother-tongue: Dragonian and its two dialects.

He initially began his travels from the Dragonian capital of Sol Rofu, Soleila, and he ended up in the village where his childhood friend, Mihoka, lived. There, Aquagon received the Shinryuuga sword, together with the task of "correcting something which was wrong with the world", and thus, he departed for Sol Lyafre with Mihoka, seeking clues to the vague mission he was tasked with.

Owner: aquagon


HP: B+

MP: B+

Strength: B+

Defense: B+

Spirit: A+

Agility: B

Ultimate Weapon: Shinryuuga - Legendary weapon made from the sacred fangs and claws of the Water Dragon God, Iadlast, and reforged after its first form, Ryuuga, was broken in the middle of a battle. To restore it, Aquagon has to purify the remains of Ryuuga in the Temple of the Dragon, and then, take it, together with another fang of Iadlast, to a master blacksmith that can restore it. However, the sword and its accompanying shield, Fuuryu, won't reach their ultimate potential if Aquagon doesn't collect the Orbs of Sun, Moon and Stars, and defeats the legendary dragon of time, Infini, so they can comfer their powers to the Shinryuuga.

Unique Skill:

Dragon Wave: Throw a lot of dragon-shaped waves of energy to the enemy from the sword.

Tsunami: Invokes a gigantic tidal wave.

Hydranova: Summons a great explosion of blue energy in front of the enemies.

Favorite Quotes:

"Please, don't make me lose my time..."

"Do you need help with something?"

"Qia set matiawprates paf amalso vankrase..." (I'm eager for tomorrow to come)


"You are pissing me off, did you know?"

"Don't kill if there's no need to do so"

"Nyarr alttyaok, yastolia viblarseria gull quioarr" (I'm happy that the stars are shining over us)

Battle Quotes:

Easybattlestart: Huh? Is this even a joke?

Normalbattlestart: What a bother...

Hardbattlestart: Hmph, well, at least it seems it will give us a decent challenge.

Bossbattlestart: It looks pretty tough. Everyone, please do your best!

Perfectwin: Hehe, this is more like what I expected.

Normalwin: "Nyarr alttyaok, zekeva suglia quioarr!" (Never understimate us!)

Barelywin: "We almost got wiped out..."

Special event battles: "Yst altyaok, zelc moiule quioarr zhoi illyusea dea riviga!" (The skies illuminate us with the light of victory!)

Defeat: I have lost... I'm no more than a failure...

Party Changer:

I'll be glad to be of assistance.

With Mihoka: I'll do my best to ensure both your protection... and your happiness.

With Infel: It's going to be interesting to travel alongside a fellow scholar.