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Pretty simple. Sarcastic and morbid, but willing to help friends no questions asked. Adores violence and screaming bunnies.The rest you can discover on your own.


Darkness and Fire



Background Chimera actually comes from a very average background. She owned a home and lived her life for awhile alone and making an honest living, though not necessarily a spectacular one, doing various odd jobs around town. She has never been a talkative character, and the townspeople do not know her well. As far as they can tell, she's a decent person. After some time, Chimera simply got bored of living a normal life, and decided to adventure. Without telling anyone in town she abandoned her home, bringing with her only the essentials. Her mission was to lead a more adventurous life exploring the world outside of her familiar home. Very rarely she travels home to check up on things, never with notice of the townspeople, who are as yet unaware that she has been making such visits. She has a hideout beneath the city where she makes herself comfortable when she's feeling homesick (which is quite rarely) using a trap door hidden near her former home to get there; granted, one must venture through the sewers a complicated ways to reach her sanctuary.

Chimera enjoys dark places, and can often be found hiding in the shadows. She favors forests, and enjoys hiding in the trees. She doesn't take kindly to strangers, but in time she will become quite malleable to those she's come to trust...just don't expect her to be blunt- she prefers a subtle approach. This is probably for the best, as her mind is quite an unpleasant and distorted place.

Battle Quotes

Easy Battle Start: "Well aren't you just terrifying?"

Normal Battle Start:"Yeah...challenging..."

Hard Battle Start:"Hehehe, finally some fun."

Boss Battle Start:"Violence may not be the answer but it's gonna solve this problem."

Perfect Win:"Really frickin' rough..."

Normal Win: "Oh, the pain..."

Barely Win:"Lucky bastards."

Random Quotes

"There is no meaning to life so shut up and stop lying to yourself."

"Oh how I just loveMondays...

"What a wonderful day for a slaughterfest~"

"I don't think you wanna know how I spend my weekends."

"Ohhhhh how adorable!...makes me sick...Can I eat them?"

"Chaos...panic...disorder...yet I feel like something's missing...but what?"

"Childhood fairy tales should be more morbid. They have to learn sometime, right?"

"I am hungry and everyone here is perfectly edible. Too bad society frowns on cannibalism."

"I hate to say it but I'm insane enough as it is. Don't push me further."

"Sadistic? Me? Noooo... I just have a unique sense of fun~"

"I use only the sharpest razors in my cooking. Can't beat perfection."

"How would your organs like to adorn my living space?"

"Welcome to hell~where you don't need a reservation to partake in the morbid festivities."

"So pretty...so nice... The feel, the taste, the texture...Your inner workings are a work of art, and they are mine now~"

"I don't discriminate. You all look like perfectly good meat to me and I crave you all equally."

"Have you ever heard a bunny scream? You have not lived until you do"

Face Sets