A Reyvateil's Melody: Game Wiki


Owner: Eijigawa

Element: Thunder + Wind

Weapon: Sword (Dual)

Unique Skill:

1) Aura Insight - Senses the aura around to detect incoming attack from blindspots. Reduces the chances of been inflicted critical hit and ambushed.

2) Sword Mastery - Capable of using all types of swords and katanas.

3) E.D (Ecchi-Delusion)mode - if the opponent is a very provocative and seductive female, Eiji enters this mode, his mind will start to go wild and his nosebleed will start. If prolonged, Eiji will lose slowly his consciousness, and when finally he finally snapped, he enters into "beast" mode where it will "attack" any nearby female (enemies and allies, exception of loli and old hag) through licking, groping, sniffing, tearing cloth and if not stopped in time.......*censorship will appear at the scene, unable to show you those 18sx+ scene*. While in beast mode, Eiji's Evasion and Agility/Speed stats increases by 300%. (you could say this is Eiji's ultimate move, only when facing female opponent)

Favorite Quotes:

"Yare yare~degozaru"

"I'm quite a cook you know~degozaru"

"Ehhh, youre pretty strong~degozaru"

"I'm honoured~degozaru"

"Yo, nice to meet you~degozaru"

"I'm a freaking samurai for goddess sake~degozaru!"

"Sting like a mantis, flee like a cockroach!"

"Then come back to bite like a wolf and runs way like a tail-leaving lizard!"

"Hehehehehe*drools* Boobies!!!"


"You can't escape my grasp!"

"All hail boobies !!!"

Battle Quotes:

-Easybattlestart = Aarree? Is that all?

-Normalbattlestart = Let's get this on~degozaru!

-Hardbattlestart = This doesn't look good~degozaru!

-Bossbattlestart = Bad day! Bad day! Bad day!!!

-Perfectwin = Yare yare, too easy~degozaru.

-Normalwin = Fuuh! That was pretty exhilarating ~degozaru.

-Barelywin = That was TOO CLOSE~degozaru!

Special Quest:

This sidequest is unlocked after a certain point in the game, if Eiji have lost terribly during a battle and was unable to protect his comrades, leaving he or she to fatally wounded. After reached or stumbled accidentally (by teleport, drop down from a flying ship, or etc) into the Hotaru village, Eiji would immediately request his father to teach him the remaining technique (including the ultimate technique) which Eiji skipped. His father was first reluctant to teach him, but demand Eiji to give him a good reason to teach him back.

Depends on the situations the answer could be:
1) I...I want to protect person who is important to me!!! (this option would let Eiji learn the remaining and ultimate technique)
2) I....I finally knew the taste of humiliating lost.... (this option would only allow to learn the remaining sword technique, not the ultimate)

During his time back home, if Eiji brings all the suitable ingredients, his Mother would weave a new samurai dougi, Niji Matsuri(Rainbow Festival) for him, which is Eiji's ultimate armor. If Eiji managed to reconcile with his sister who hates him for leaving the village, she'll give Eiji her lucky charm, Yotsuba( 4 -leaf clover), which increases luck when worn, and if used as item, capable of purging all bad stats from the body.

If Eiji managed to save his childhood friend Oboro,the village blacksmith, who is lost in the forest filled with monsters while searching for ingredients, Eiji will obtained his ultimate weapon which his friend forged, "Denjin"(Lightning Sword/Katana) the long sharp katana and, "Fuujin" (Wind Sword)the short blunt katana. This two katanas are imbuded with special effect, where:

"Fuujin"(風神) is a defensive sword/katana embedded with wind element(power depend on user's level), allows the user to uses all wind spells and increases user's wind resistance to the max. Special weapon skill: Gust Vortex - surrounds the user with protective gushing wind that deflects enemy's attack for a short period. Raises evasion 100%

"Denjin"(電神) is a offensive sword/katana embedded with lightning element(power depend on user's level), allows the user to uses all lightning spells and increases user's lightning resistance to the max. Special weapon skill: Rave Shocker - shoots out a chain of lightning that damages all enemy in a chain sequence, higher number of enemy in a chain, more damage dealt. Stun effect 100%

  • Spoiler
    If Eiji's HP were to get into critical, those two sword will combines into a katana called "Tenjin"(天神), is a sword of the sky, unleashes the force of weather on the enemy's with the ultimate move called: Heaven's Storm - shoots out concentrated raging storm
    at the enemy, with the lightning and wind spirals into a giant drill-like blast. Deals ultimate wind and lightning damage to all enemy(ignores defense) in its line of blast.