A Reyvateil's Melody: Game Wiki
http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp87/serrival/ARM%20Portraits/eleiniaportrait1.png Information
Owner Eleinia
Race Soopian
Age As young as a green Tomato
Height A soup bowl's height
Weight A soup bowl's weight
Element Light
Weapon Bow
Ultimate Weapon Farisia
Unique Skills
  • Thousand Needles
  • Holy Beam
  • Soupomorph
Voice Actor Saori


Ultimate Weapon: Farisia - An ancient bow with tremendous magical power made with an Alien material not found on this planet.

Unique Skill:

Thousand Needles = Shoot a lot, and I mean a lot, of arrows to the enemies.

Holy Beam = Shoot an arrow which turns into a beam of light to attack the monster.

Soupomorph = Transforms self into a Soup.

Favorite Quotes:

"I'm so really very truly sorry..."

"I'm so really very truly sorry... for YOU!"

"You kidding me!?"

"I'll send you to hell to chat with your buddies!"

"Where's my chocolate bar?"

"Don't you dare touching it! It's my treasure!"

"Aww... this is cuter than the cutest cutey. The cuteness is killing me. Did I forget to say it was cute?"

Battle Quotes:

Easybattlestart: Aww... These are boring...

Normalbattlestart: They don't look too tough, but don't get careless~

Hardbattlestart: Everyone, be careful~

Bossbattlestart: Taste the wrath of my bow and arrows! You won't get another chance!

Perfectwin: That was too easy! Where's my reward?

Normalwin: You are no match against my bow~

barelywin: We made it... I thought we were gonna become monster food...

Special Quest:

1. From some mandatory event (I don't care what it is, it could just be a mandatory scene of finding the bow laying around or in a rock or whatever), Eleinia found the Broken Ancient Bow. Eleinia feels the hidden power within the bow, but it's broken (very low attack power if you make it equippable). She decides to keep it.

2. Later on in the game, the team may find a legendary blacksmith in some hut in the world. If Eleinia is in the party and has obtained the Broken Ancient Bow, an event would trigger. The blacksmith will recognize the power within the bow, but at the same time sighing he will not be able to repair it. To repair it, he will need string, metal, wood, and crystal. However, ordinary material from this world would not be able to harness the true power of the bow. He will need materials not of this world, but he has no idea where to find them. (The materials needed are Alien String, Alien Metal, Alien Wood, and Alien Crystal.)

3. In some mountain, dungeon, or whatever, the party will meet a crash-landed Alien in a mandatory event. In exchange for some chocolate, the Alien will give the Alien String to Eleinia. Eleinia asks if the Alien has the other three materials. The Alien will tell Eleinia that his two brothers, who also crash-landed in different locations, may have them. But he doens't know where they are since his communication equipments are destroyed. It will take a long time to repair them.

4. In a later mandatory dungeon, forest or whatever, Eleinia will meet a second Alien who again in exchance for some chocolate, the Alien will give the Alien Metal to Eleinia. This time the Alien will inform Eleinia the location of their third brother.

5. The location of the third brother will be an optional dungeon, but it doesn't have to be long. Though a couple simple puzzles like pushing rocks to open trap doors etc. could be nice. :^_^: At the entrance of this optional dungeon, Eleinia will meet the third Alien brother. And again, in exchange for chocolate, he will give Alien Wood to Eleinia. He will also tell Eleinia that a giant monster have taken the Alien Crystal. While he doesn't need it, but the crystal has hidden power which could be dangerous leaving it in the hand of a monster. The party will enter the dungeon and at the end, they will beat an optional boss to obtain the Alien Crystal.

6. Return to the blacksmith with the Broken Ancient Bow and the four materials. He will then reforge the bow into Farisia, the ultimate weapon for Eleinia.