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Elina Akiyami (Ryuu Akiyami)
http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp87/serrival/ARM%20Portraits/elinaportrait.png Information
Owner Lymia
Race Human
Age 11 years old
Height 4 ft, 1 in (124 cm)
Weight 66 lbs (30 kg)
Element Wind/Surprise
Weapon Staffs (Starting and ultimate weapons are plushies)
Ultimate Weapon Plush Nenesha
Unique Skills
  • Cake Party
  • Gale "Dance of Leaves"
  • Illusion "Bunny Dance" (Ultimate Attack)
Voice Actor (undecided)


Stat Starting Growth
HP Low-Middle Average
MP Lower-Upper Above Average
Attack Mid-Lower Average
Defense Upper-Lower Low
Spirit Mid-Upper High
Agility Mid Average

Background: Elina was born in the world of Gensokyo, under the name of "Ryuu", a world where magic is commonplace, although, most magic teachers refuse to teach magic to anybody other than girls. From a young age, they wanted to learn magic badly, and, at the age of 5, decided to disguise temselves as a girl in order to participate at a boarding school for magic. She stayed there for three years, adopting the name "Elina". During Elina's stay at magic school, she gained a repetition for being very skilled at coming up with new spells... although they often had little practical purpose, for example, "Transmute Tea to Fruit Juice". After three years, she was found out during an prank involving dissolving swimsuits. Although person responsible was reprimanded, Elina was still expelled.

After returning home, Elina decided to keep using her girl persona, much to her parent's dismay. Elina stayed with her parents, continuing to practice magic on her own.

A year later, at the age of 9, Elina went out to play a game with some friends of hers in the local forest. She got lost, and, when she finally found a way out, found herself at a major city in Sol Lyafre. There, she survived on her own for a while using magic, before she met Alice, whom she became fast friends with. They (tried to) explored the world together for about a year, before stumbling apon the main character's party...

Personality: Elina is rather cheerful, at a level bordering on hyperactive, easily excitable and often has her head in the clouds. She's usually kind, generally wanting to help people, but, often, the ideas she comes up with to actually do it fall flat, and cause more trouble than there as originally.

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  • Although referred to using female pronouns in this profile, whether Elina's transsexual, or just genderqueer isn't really very clear. In either case, the gender confusion surrounding Elina shouldn't really be played seriously, or as a major character thing, except maybe during more comedic scenes where it'd be relevant.
  • If the issue ever comes up, Elina most likely has figured out at least one spell to indefinitely postpone puberty...

Likes: Bunnies, Dresses, Sweet things

Dislikes: Bathrooms, Public bathes, Boy clothes

Hobby: Collecting stuffed animals, Inventing silly spells

Unique Skill:

Cake Party - Summons a cake, which is split among the party. Heal all party members.

Gale "Dance of Leaves" - Throws up a strong wind, and buffets the enemy with leaf shaped energy pellets.

Illusion "Bunny Dance" - Tramples the enemy with hundreds of bunnies, then plops a huge one right over them. (Ultimate Attack)

Battle Quotes:

-Easybattlestart: Yay! Let's do this!

-Normalbattlestart: More of them?

-Hardbattlestart: Uuu... Are you sure this is a good idea?

-Bossbattlestart: Let's do our best! Then we can have cake!

-Perfectwin: Wee~ We're so good at this!

-Normalwin: Yay~ We did it.

-barelywin: Can we go home now??

Party Selection:

-Normal: I'll do my best!!

-With Alice: Let's do our best, Alice!

-With Winoc: Please don't take all the cake this time...

Special Quest: Elina meets Infel, and, during the conversation Infel mentions Nenesha. Through shenanigans, Infel ends up showing Elina a picture of Infel. Elina promptly goes squee, and requests a plushy of Nenesha. Thus, the party goes to some toymaker, and gets a recipe. Standard crafting procedure follows from there.