Geikröitz (Geiky) Rylae Zaffa Information
Owner Geiky
Race Cat-Human (Genetically alternated human due to an incident on his past)
Age 15 (looks 13)
Height 159 cm
Weight 60 kg
Element Earth
Weapon Saï
Ultimate Weapon Yaddonis
Unique Skills
  • Primerrati: ~Gaelis Rondo~
  • Seccondari: ~Dilitrio Misericordia~
  • Finnale ~Geikröitz Arpeggio~
Voice Actor Geiky

A young boy from the world of Almeddia, victim of a horrible accident that changed his body and spirit completely. Born in a family of Alchemy adepts, he developed a liking to poison and toxins, and is a master of transmutation, bearing in his cheat a shard of the philosopher’s stone. Geiky was thrown deep in the spirals of time, and ended up in a completely different plane, where he senses his brother’s footsteps, who also was severely mutated. Alone, he begins his journey to find his beloved sibling, and maybe return home, to his parent’s arms…before time consumes his very soul.

Trained in battle to use the deadly Saï together with his Guardian Spirit, Psoron – a master of toxins and venom, and due to the feline-like mutation that happened with his cells, he’s a very agile fighter, and, ironically, is both a dangerous master of venomlore, and an adept healer, who always cares for his partners.

Geiky is very sweet and curious, but his personality extends much further than just that. Through his mother, he learned how treating others with respect and kindness is a must, and also how it improves one's personality. Through his father, he learned to be analytic and to speak fancily and archaically and at the same time, how to act like a noble, but to adequate into the most simple or poor places and people. And through his brother, he learned how to say “no” and how coldness in one's persona is needed sometimes. From himself, he sprout a blossom to arts and music, reunited all of what he learned from his family, and stowed it deep inside his chest; The result was a tad unpredictable, but very patient and understanding young boy, that can either catch your eye for his fanciness, or pierce it deeply with his brutal coldness. All will depend on how you act around him, and how he is feeling at the present moment. He certainly won't hesitate to poison you if you annoy him and has no significant bond to cause any regret, revealing a slightly psychopathic side. Yet, it seems Geiky is actually softer than most would expect, hiding inside his bosom very emotional senses, eternally frozen by his untouched heart. If someone will be able to melt it..that is unknown. Above everything, he is very mature, and almost never acts his age, only, of course, when caught off guard in a moment of comfort between friends.




Strength: C

Defense: A

Speed: A

Spirit: B

Unique Skill

Primerrati: ~Gaelis Rondo~: “A quick, poisonous attack with the Saï at one enemy, resembling a forest lynx”. Small-medium damage to one enemy, inflicts poison.

Seccondari: ~Dilitrio Misericordia~: “Through Psoron's powers, Geiky converts poison into medicine -- A miracle of alchemy”. Medium healing and cure from Poison, Paralysis and Confusion to all allies.

Finnale ~Geikröitz Arpeggio~: “Geiky's ultimate skill, a ruinous fury of slashes, finalizing with an explosion of pure poison.” Huge damage to all enemies and inflicts poison.

Favorite Quotes

“Oblivion never awaits, it merely lingers to us. It's your choice to fight it, or let it consume you.”

“Nya nyao nyon~”


“Isn't Green such a beautiful color?”

“Would you like a taste of poison? Maybe just a sip to inherit some “sense” into this annoying conscience of yours”

“...I'll kill you”

“Would you like to pet my tail? It's so fluffy and puffy it'll make you addicted~”

“Evanescence is the cruel essence of the human heart"

Battle Quotes

-Easy Battle Start: “We shan't waste much time in this, my friends. Engage!”

-Normal Battle Start: “Distraction is the step to Charon's boat. En Garde!”

-Hard Battle Start: “It seems we are in heavy peril out for their attacks!”

-Boss Battle Start: “Let us all charge with full spirits, and deliver to them deserved Oblivion!”

-Perfect Win: "Nya....what? Oh? Over so soon?"

-Normal Win: "Good work,everyone. But let's not lower our attention while moving on."

-Barely Win: " everyone okay? Such a terrible battle... I underestimated them.”

Party Changer Quotes

“There is strength in union, so let's all work together! ”

Kaius in Party: “Shall we torture them together, till they are begging for death, my kind sir? *chuckles*

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