A Reyvateil's Melody: Game Wiki
Owner veil13
Race Half-Titania, half-3rd Gen Reyvateil and Ylvir
Age 17
Height 156cm
Weight 34kg
Element Light
Weapon Musical Instruments
Ultimate Weapon Exelvia ~ Blessing Sapphire
Unique Skills
  • Holy Feather
  • Archreste
  • Judgement Voice ~ Lierra
Voice Actor -




Strength: D

Defense: B

Speed: D

Spirit: A

A girl who came along with Kaius. She accompanied Kai due to her worry about him, as he is careless in her opinion, and another reason is that her half-sister, whom she usually stay with, went somewhere else due to some business. As a Titania, she can be seen always flying, because she rarely walks which made her feet weaker than people generally. Even so, she's a fast flyer like some fast runner. Her mother came from a world where Reyvateil exists, making her being able to be a Reyvateil. In the game, she's temporarily being the resident of Pombalta along with Kai, and she's a pregnant in the game.

Because she lacks training, she can't fight physically, but she rely on her magic ability, more likely to support herself and others. Instead of normal magic, she uses music to help her, requiring her to bring musical instrument all the time, and most of her supporting magics are demanding her to sing. Her hobby is also to sing, so she enjoys helping the others with her songs. She's known as a popular singer in her original world because of her hobby to sing, and people often want to listen her singing in public.

Despite her rather-childish looks, she is a kind and motherly one, and also a little bit shy. Although she's shy, she's really a perfect mother type, and she's normally acting normally to her friends. Her weakness point is neck, and she is really weak there. For this reason, Kai often tease her whenever he feels like doing it. She's weak against cold weather, and if she's in a place that is snowing a bit, she might will feel sleepy. She is also really afraid of scary things such as ghosts.

Unique Skills:

Holy Feather: Recover some amount of MP for 5 turns to all party members by 25% of max MP

Archreste: Fully heals all party members and resurrect all died party members by singing

Judgement Voice ~ Lierra: Sings a song which gives huge damages to all enemies

Favorite quotes:

-"Um...Are you okay?"

-"I'm not someone who likes to be popular by singing, I'm just someone who likes to sing~"

-"Please be careful..."

-"There, you should be fine~"

-"...I-it's scary..."

Battle quotes:

Easy Battle Start: "...Is it okay for us to fight it?"

Normal Battle Start: "Please do your best, everyone!"

Hard Battle Start: "I hope we will be fine..."

Boss Battle Start: "...We have to work together!"

Easy Win: "Good work, everyone~"

Normal Win: "Everyone...is fine, right?"

Hard Win: "...T-that was close..."

Party changer:

"Let's do our best today, as well~"

Trass in party: "I hope you'll do good, Trass-san"

Kai in party: "...Please don't be too reckless, Kai-kun..."

Veil in party: "I'm sure you're also as strong as her~"

Giu in party: "...T-tentacle..."

Any ghost char in party: "...I-I really hope I can be close to you...but..."