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Joel Esteed
http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp87/serrival/ARM%20Portraits/joelportrait.png Information
Owner Joel Dunamis
Race Human
Age 18
Height 172 cm
Weight 65 kg
Element Water, Earth
Weapon Staff, Spear
Ultimate Weapon Lance of Dunamis

Engulfed with silver aura, this lance can only be wielded by the one who have the will the protect others. Named after the previous wielder.

Unique Skills
  • Shockwave Pulse
  • Raging Javelin
  • Meteor Swarm
Voice Actor




MP: B+

Strength: C

Defense: C+

Spirit: A

Agility: D

Accuracy: C-

Evasion: B-

Critical: A+

Unique Skill

- Shockwave Pulse: Send out a shockwave toward the enemy. High chance to cause Paralyze. Already usable from start.

- Raging Javelin: Fiercely attack enemy with spear thrusts. Usable only when a type of spear is equipped. Learned by Joel after a certain event involving his spear training.

- Meteor Swarm: An ancient magic that can only be used by select few. Call countless meteors from the space to attack all enemies. Learned in Reach Out to the Truth Quest.

List of Accidental Skills

- Elbow Crush: Trips while dashing forward. Accidentally attack foe with his elbow. Use any physical skills to activate it.

- Propeller Rampage: Spins the lance, and accidentally releases it, deals the damage to all foes. Use any physical skills to activate it.

- Below The Belt: Trips while rushing with lance being positioned in front of him. Accidentally stabs foe on a place where it shouldn't be. High chance of Instant Death. Use Raging Javelin to activate it.

- False Reaction: Accidentally recites the wrong incantation, causing the spell to explode. Deals heavy Fire damage to allies/foes, excluding himself. Use any of damaging spells to activate it.

- Miracle in Accident: Accidentally mixes up two different incantations, buffing all allies and greatly damages all foes. Use any of buff/debuffing spells to activate it.

- Holy Judgment: Accidentally recites the wrong incantation on Meteor Swarm, deals a fixed damage of 9999 to 3 random allies/foes, excluding himself. Use Meteor Swarm to activate it.


A sorcerer who wields a spear as his weapon of choice. He is cheerful and light-hearted. Originated from a remote southern village. He also seems to favour silver colour over others, for some unknown reason.


Joel is an average guy who has cheerful personality. Most of his accquintaces know him as a clumsy boy, considering at the damage he caused when he was experimenting with his magics. Strangely enough, he's so clumsy, that sometimes he will misspell the incantation of the spells, brush against things and causing them to fall, or accidentally break things in his hand. He also tend to be so oblivious to facts around him, creating a hillarious reaction after he realized said facts. Some of party members are often annoyed at his cowardice, since Joel always hid himself near them when he's being chased by debt collectors. Not only that, he also have a habit to babbling about his friend, Ryan, to no end. He also likes to make puns. They suck so much, causing other people to freeze immediately afterwards.


Stat-wise, Joel excels in using magic. But since he can also use lances as weapon, he becomes a hybrid character in battle. Unfortunately, his Accuracy doesn't really live up to the expectation, making him not effective as physical attacker. It's better to use his physical skills instead of his normal attack. As a magician, while he's able to use several damaging spells, he tend to lean more to buff/debuff ones. He can also heal an ally using his healing spell. He only has one though, limiting the effectiveness. Joel can also randomly cause "accidents" in battle in form of spells/skills, due to his clumsiness.

Early Life

Joel hails from a remote southern village. When he was small, he already showed an interest toward magic, and tried to self-learn it by himself, which caused mayhem in the village because of his clumsiness when initiating experiments with his magic. Of course, his efforts were not in vain, seeing how powerful his magic is currently, albeit the fact that he still cause accidents with his power. As a man who is isolated in a remote village, he wanted to see the world, and decided to go on an adventure. Later on, he would meet and befriend Ryan Imundas, a spear-wielding Mercenary whose real name is unknown to all.

The Tragedy:

During their journey, they heard a rumor about haunted house in the middle of forest. People also said that there were treasures in that house. Being a greedy man Joel is, he asked Ryan to accompany him to that haunted house, despite Ryan’s disagreement toward that idea. In the end, Ryan was forced to agree with Joel’s wish.

Entering the house, they didn’t aware of the traps that were placed in that area. Ryan fell into a pit trap, causing him to be separated from Joel. Being left alone and has a fear toward ghastly rumor that he heard from townspeople, he lost his cool, causing him to behave irrationally during the short period in that house. Suddenly, a monster appeared in front of him, catching his surprise. Fearing that he would die by that monster’s hand, he didn’t waste time to kill that monster. While he was succeed in killing the monster, the pressure and the fear took a hold him, causing him to pass out.

After he regained consciousness, he realized the gravity of his actions. What seemed to look like a monster to him before he passed out is really his travelling companion, Ryan. It was then he realized that he has triggered a hallucination gas trap that causing him to project the scariest image in his mind. When he checked Ryan’s pulse, he found that Ryan is still barely alive. Ryan said that what happened was not Joel’s fault, therefore he must not feel guilty toward what happened to Ryan. With that word, Ryan breathed his last. He became so traumatized by this event, turning him to be more cowardly and meek. This caused his personality to be more irresponsible, which later leads toward his big pile of debts. In remembrance of old friend, he also changed his main weapon from Staff to Spear, albeit still using the former from time to time. Little by little, he altered his memory, turning the fact that he killed Ryan into an alternate fact where a monster killed Ryan in front of his own eyes.

Reach Out to the Truth(Ultimate Weapon’s Quest)


- Have to see some Talk Topics regarding Joel’s past

- Joel has to be at least Level 55

- Have to learn Raging Javelin

- Talk to him after all requirements are met to begin the Quest

After joining ARM to Hands, his past became more and more apparent as it was revealed in some Talk Topics. Later, he will tell the full story(minus the fact that he killed Ryan) to Yura in a side event. His head ached so badly when he mentioned that “a monster killed Ryan in front of his eyes,” and can’t seem remember details about the event. Joel said that there might be something missing from his memory. Yura thought about an idea to create medicine in order to cure lost memory. Joel agreed to that idea.

Later, the medicine is finished being made, Joel drank it, only to found the bitter truth about Ryan’s death. He went berserk and uncontrollable, attacking Yura and the others. They retaliated, and won the battle against Joel. After the battle, Joel broke down, regretting about what he had done to Ryan in the past, and ask the party to leave him alone for a while.

While in his room, he reflected upon his mistake, and decided to face the truth as whole. Then, he apologized to Yura for attacking them and making a big ruckus in the veillage.

From then on, Joel changed his attitude a bit, becoming more upfront and less cowardly, though he can still be seen running from debt collectors.

Later, in certain Talk Topics, he would be able to remember about the writings in a Magic Book that he read when he was little, causing him to be able to cast Meteor Swarm, his most powerful magic. He would also be able to remember a Recipe that Ryan once told him. A Weapon Recipe as how to create Ryan’s spear, Lance of Dunamis. This happened because of medicine's side effect. It would cause the drinker be able to remember all of tiny little things that happened in his life. Of course, Joel would have to spend his life forever tormented by embarassing memories that he would like to forget.

Also, in the end, Ryan, the previous wielder of Lance of Dunamis, didn’t have his real name revealed.......or was it?

Battle Quotes(Before Ultimate Weapon Quest):

-Easy battle start = "Hahaha, they’re weak!"

-Normal battle start = "Uh-oh...I might need to be more serious this time."

-Hard battle start = "D-Damn.....my legs can’t stop shaking!"

-Boss battle start = "We....we can’t choose “Escape?!"

-Perfect win = "That's what you get from messing around with me!"

-Normal win = "Man, I was so scared!"

-Barely win = "I think I might pass out at anytime right now......"

Party Changer:

"I'll do my best, but no promises, okay?"

Battle Quotes(After Ultimate Weapon Quest):

-Easy battle start = "Can we spare these ones? I feel sorry for them."

-Normal battle start = "Ready, guys?"

-Hard battle start = "Debt collectors are scarier than you! .....okay, maybe not. But you get the point, right?"

-Boss battle start = "I might be scared, but like hell I would back down now!"

-Perfect win = "Great teamwork makes for a perfect battle!"

-Normal win = "Oh yeah~! Nothing beats the taste of victory!."

-Barely win = "Ryan....We won!"

Party Changer:

"Agh, not again. Do I really have to go?"

In-Game Quotes:

- "Whoops, I messed up again, hahaha......"

- "There's no debt collectors here, right?"

- "Ryan used to tell me that <insert any sentence that happens to fit with current situation>."

- "Even though my hand is already stained with his blood, I've decided. I won't run away. I will face the truth and accept it as a whole."