Kaius Leharte Zehhend Information
Owner Shalvastalza
Race XVIA Ylvir
Age 18.349.452.109.989
Height 189 cm
Weight 110 kg
Element Darkness - Spirit
Weapon Brilliant Sword Byakko
Ultimate Weapon Leharte ~ Demise Ruby
Unique Skills
  • Ryuugan Kaihou Kyoku
  • Sword Saint
  • Vertragg
Voice Actor Shalvastalza

Basically someone who is really strong, not almighty, but really powerful... OK, that kind of introduction is just so typical... Change it!

Someone who tricked by his cousin to act like a wo--- OK, that's Shurelia-Tilia moment there...

Ahhh, too bad for you, this one person get away from Altivarde's trolling within ARMGame and he is he. No more trolling for you like what I did in several NPC page.

A Xvia Ylvir, a race of will of his plane. Ex-Gladiator known as "Black Wolf", an epitome of the one that said ever killed million in just one swing of sword and currently is the leader of Zehhend family of Ylvir. Generally always travelling between dimensions, Kai have his power reduced to nearly nonexistent compared to his real power due to nearly out of Altivarde area of power blessing. However, this time he is accompanied by his wife, Himeyo in his journey. Kai is temporarily a resident of Pombalta in this game. Adopted three kids prior the start of the game and another three kids after Pombalta raid. He's staying for his first child birth and decided to stick to the world at least until every outsider of Sol Lyafre return to their world.

Cold and indifferent toward peoples at general but warm to peoples that pique his interest, he's a great guy to know, also a good father figure. He hate to be called as "Dog" and would surely kill the offender when not restrained. His sadism in fight stem from his lineage and his bloody past. He hate vegetables but love meats. He's also known for his love of mushroom stew despite it also have vegetables in it.




Strength: A

Defense: C

Speed: B

Spirit: B

Unique Skills:

Invoke Dragon Eye: Increase attack power into 1.5 x of it's original value for rest of the battle (initial skill)

Xei Solv-c Ea: Kai's Ultimate Attack, it means "All Return to Nil" or "Zero Consume All". Target all enemies.

Kai jump on spot, sending three gigantic shockwaves at enemies with one cut. End with cuts that cannot be seen by normal eyes (sprite not moving at this phase, about 20 fast cuts or simply suddenly all cuts appear at once) and blast everything with dark sword from the ground.

(Leharte + Gladiator Manual + Xvia Loa)

Skill also consumes 50% HP and crazy amount of MP

Verttrag: Draw bloody rune on enemies, drain HP, then render them cannot act for two turns by exploding the rune. (Find Black Ruby ~ Leharte, Kai's ultimate weapon on a small sidequest)

Favorite Quotes:

"You shouldn't compare your age to mine... even if it's multiplied by something and powered to the second power, I don't really think it could reach mine"

"...Che... Weaklings"

"Don't judge book by it's cover"

"Did you just call me DOG!?"

"What's wrong? *smile*"

"Oi, oi... She's mine, you know!"

"... ... ...*Growl*"

"...if you don't stop doing that, I'll make sure I'll make you as a punching sack."

"Would you like some IQ juice, your douchiness? Oh, I suppose you don't know what that means."

"Your ego sickens me, I wonder if it'll flatten if I make holes on your body?"

Battle Quotes

Easy Battle Start: "... You're unworthy."

Normal Battle Start: "Hmph, looks like we have a challenger."

Hard Battle Start: "Hee~ Let's see how hard it is to kill you."

Bossbattle start: "Yalth viljr! Atshure orivien nalfhs-ou youra!"

Easy Win: "Absolute nonsense, you."

Normal Win: "Not bad, come back again if you want for rematch"

Hard Win: "...I'm...still here."

Party Changer

Normal: Fine, let's go.

Eidi or L-Voss in party: ...DON'T.COME.CLOSER.I.SAY.

Trass in party: Y'know, I got this South Pepen stamp yesterday...

Veil in party: Let's do it, Rori.

Winoc in party: -drool-

Ven in party: Don't screw up, Gaki.

Alastor in party: ...Eh.

Zeldukes in party: Well, hello there, Mr. Champion.

Hime in party: My body is your shield, my blade is yours to command!

Godspell in party: Looks like you're here, too, then let's make sure today is fun

Geiky in party: Time for our genocide party.

Vlad in party: Mess up and I'll make you SLEEP IN SHARK BELLY tonight!

Geiky & Vlad in party: At least I have assistant torturer now... better not mess up. *chuckle*

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