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Name: Kakeru Dranz Destacia / Kakeru Ienheir / Kakeru foue Zraphite.

Age: Physically 17, real age is two years younger than Sora's

Height: Incosistent between 180 cm to 200 cm, due to change of core

Weight: 120kg

Affectionally nicknamed "Keru".Younger cousin of Sora that is verily well built, also his right hand man, who rules over Kingdom of Zraphite. Hail from dimension of Dein Eldiel, known as "God of Destruction". He boast great power and destructive magics that sadly diminished to near zero when core of his plane missing, which means his dimension, too, will be destroyed if he don't act. He followed Sora to new worlds, crossing planes, no matter what the risk is. Kakeru is perhaps your typical cheerful and easygoing hero outside, who seem is rather cheeky at times, but actually, that's a facade of his originally fragile and imp-ish personality (liking to tease and flirts, sometime. And a great liar to the point of his lies seem really a fact), or to mask his sadness of being a "Negative Will", who said eventually will destroy his world, no matter how hard he protects it. Kakeru loves competition due to his destructive nature, but prefers participating rather than winning. He have fear of girls, especially fujoshis and at worst: fangirls. Although this is true, he loves one certain female very dearly.

Quotes: "Puu, why you force it although you can't win, anyway?"

"G-geh... uh... c-can you... s-stay away from me?"

"Hehe! Aniki is really awesome!"

"... You... You wanna DIE!?"