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The younger brother of Naraku, Kitsune has also lived his life as a mercenary. Unlike Naraku, Kitsune works for an organization. An underground organization that kidnaps reyvateils and extracts their song magic skills for use in experiments using probing methods that also destroy their cosmospheres. The songs are then used to enhance weapons for wartime efforts. However, Kitsune does not like their methods and their goals and he seems to be a part of the group for a different reason.

Kitsune's ultimate goal is to kill off his older sibling Naraku. His belief is that Naraku killed off their parents at age 7 and burned down the mansion that they lived in out of jealousy and the feeling of neglection. Kitsune was able to escape from the fire but it left him burnt from his chest downward. Kitsune was quickly found by a rich family of thieves who came to sabotage whatever was left over from the fire. They told Kitsune about what happened and claimed that his older brother was responsible. Kitsune swore revenge against Naraku from that point forward and starting training in the art of the sword via a top sargaent in the Grand Bell Army who would come to the mansion every few days. Kitsune eventually grew apart of the family that raised him and he left the household at age 17 and began his dream of Naraku's downfall.

Due to his scarred childhood Kitsune is rarely seen with a smile on his face and is usually bitter and quiet. He hates cute things and he has a strong dislike for those who he sees as "cutesy." Kitsune has the urge to kill Naraku at every single moment and thus they have a few altercations at the start. They are eventually stopped from attacking one another due to cores installed in their bodies that prevent them from doing so. How long they last is another story.

Kitsune is only playable in certain parts of the game and in certain quests. Due to his extreme hatred of his brother Kitsune refuses to work on the same team as Naraku in quests, therefore you must select one or the other.

Owner: 奈落天魔

Element: Light, Fire

Weapon: Dual Sword

Voice Actor: 奈落天魔