A Reyvateil's Melody: Game Wiki
Lequera "LeDe" Denera
Owner Sonwe Ruolmi
Race Concept
Age As old as evil itself / Current Incarnation: 177 years old
Height 5,9
Weight 183 lbs
Element Light/Dark
Weapon Dual Gun
Ultimate Weapon Yin Yang (deals both Light and Dark damage)
Unique Skills
  • Paradise
  • Bloody Mary
  • Akudere Martini
Voice Actor




Attack - A

Defense - C

Spirit - C

Agility - S


LeDe is not a human, in fact he cannot even be considered an existence. He is the personification of all Evil in the universe and therefore merely a concept. According to an ancient legend, the evil on the universe grew so intense that it became sentient and sought to conquer all by attaining a physical body. To save itself the Universe gathered all the Good and created a physical entity. The duality between Evil and Good acted as the polar opposites of a magnet and attracted each other, ending with the evil incarnating in the physical body of pure Good, and thus LeDe was born. LeDe is trapped in an eternal cycle of rebirth, being unable to die, since if his physical body dies the Universe will create a new one and the Evil will possess it. He will only die when the universe is free of all Evil, and by extension, all Good. He fights with the objective of maintaining the balance between Good and Evil and maybe someday be able to quell the evil back to an insentient form, putting an end to this threat against the universe and his own existence.

LeDe has lived through many lives and incarnation, and usually the incarnations will inhabit a world that needs him the most, worlds where the balance between Good and Evil is crumbling. LeDe current incarnation has lived around 177 years old and is a skilled bartender. He owns his own bar called "Rose of Evil" and can make any cocktail ever invented. He learned how to infuse the cocktails he makes with good (love) or evil (hate), giving them special healing or destructive properties. He joins Yura's party knowing that the boy's quest is the key to prevent evil from growing stronger, but not before asking Yura to collect special ingredients so he can make the "Best Drink Ever Made". LeDe's previous life was a female gunslinger and the reason for his choice of weapons and love interests. It's also believed that not all incarnations were human, which would explain his love for animals, especially cats. Joke or truth, it's said that LeDe made a deal with FERNIA, which was in case he fails on keeping balance, FERNIA will erase the concepts of Good and Evil from the universe and replace them with yakisoba. LeDe is also an acquaintance of Lilian and knows her true nature, but pretends not to due to an agreement they have which is not to interfere directly with each other's affair.


LeDe is an akudere, in fact, the personification of akudere. He can be a loving person and in one second become the most devilish psychopath ever, being the most evil beign in the universe. While he can act cold and harsh to some, making sarcastic and sour remarks, he is very protective and caring over those he loves. He can be very cruel in his aku aku personality, commonly relying on physical and psychological tortures instead of killing instantly. His dere dere personality is a sweet person with a contaminating happiness, always knowing what to say to makes other feel better. He is not afraid to be sincere. He is gay, and is not afraid of hiding it. He claims that he took a liking of the male body in his previous incarnations, and therefore chooses to be reborn as a gay man in this one. He likes manly man and dislikes effeminate ones, and is very womanizer (but with men). He seems to have deep feelings for Vlad.

Unique skills:

Paradise = Infuses a Paradise cocktail with love, reviving fallen allies, moderately healing HP and MP of the party and bestow random positive status effect or confusion

Bloody Mary: Infuses a Bloody Mary cocktail with hatred, dealing dark damage on enemy party and inflicting random negative status effect

Akudere Martini = the ultimate cocktail, infused with the very essence of Akudere. It deals massive dark damage to all enemies inflicting random status ailment, while bestowing positive status effect or confusion on the party.

Favorite quotes:

-"I'm good, I swear. Is just that people only pay attention to the evil"

-"Oh, this reminds me when I incarnated as a </random element related to subject>. It was fun."

-"I enjoy drinking, but I hate getting drunk"

-"Evil here is strong..."

-"I feel an immense good on you"

-"How lovely and evil"

-"Me? An Akudere? I'll torture that idea out of your mind!"

-"I'm not sure how old I am"

-"Horrible joke! Maybe I'll just shoot myself and reborn on a funnier planet." (when not funny joke is made)

-"I'll mix a special cocktail for you."

_"Although boucing the boobies up and down is fun, I never enjoyed being a woman"

Battle quotes:

-Easybattlestart = This will be like Happy Hour!

-Normalbattlestart = You'll soon know that love can be evil.

-Hardbattlestart = We need to be sober to win this one!

-Bossbattlestart = The Evil that dwells within you... I can feel it! It must be vanquished!

-Perfectwin = Let's have a drink to celebrate, shall we?

-Normalwin = Balance prevails. Lovely.

-Barelywin = The Evil within me... it grows stronger...

Party changer:

-Normal: I'll love them so much they'll suffer!

-With Geiky: What a cute cat and attractive young man. Call me when you turn 18.

-With Vlad: Let's have a drink later and after that I'll make you purr.

-With Geiky and Vlad: Have I ever told you I have a thing for sibling action?

-With Elina: Such a waste of the male anatomy.

-With Joel: I like the spear, and I'm not talking about your weapon.

-With Fernia Namanac: The resemblance is uncanny...

-With Lilian: You...

-With Kaius: "I think if I sum up all my incarnations' ages, I may be older..."

-With Kaius and Vlad: "Touch him and I'll make sure you SLEEP IN MY BELLY!"

-With Winoc: "You and I are much alike... Duality dwells within is... And too once had bunny ears!"

How to obtain ultimate weapon:

One point on the game, the party will have a discussion with LeDe about his true nature and how he does not care if he disappears after evil is finally conquered. After this, the party must return to LeDe's bar where he will reveal a secret passage to room relics from his previous incarnations and a door locked with heavy chains. LeDe will explain that the door is actually a portal to his soul where his Good and Evil side are in a eternal battle. The player is then offered the choice to choice to either break into the door now or look for three special itens that will truly unlock his soul. The itens are things of pure goodness, pure evil and pure neutrality. The item of pure good is the tears of a dying girl who was never tainted by evil. The item of pure evil is the heart of a cold murderer. The item of pure neutrality is the dead rose LeDe carries in his pocket. These ites can only be obtained afyer a series of subquests, with the the rose being the longest and hardet, requiring lots of conversations with LeDe about his past. After all itens are obtained, the player has to return to the bar with LeDe in the party and he will use the itens to unlock the door. The player will be transported to an outer dimension where he will fight, controling only LeDe, two bosses, one of Dark and one of Light, representing LeDe's good and evil side, in the same battle. Halfway through the battle they'll merge into a more powerful boss. After the battle is won LeDe will mention on how his evil nature and good nature merged to no longer be opposing dualities, but complementary ones and therefore will remain even if evil or good is vanquished. He will then create the Yin Yang guns, his ultimate weapon representing his new, balanced nature.

If the party chooses to break into the door, the whole party will fight weaker versions of the bosses and they will not merge during the fight. After they battle is won, LeDe mentions that his soul is now shattered and he became a threat to them all. He then leaves the party and commits suicide with his gun (off screen). He can return to the party if the player returns to ARM to Hand and checks the place where he used to be. The letter will give a hint where LeDe is waiting (which will be a random location). When going there LeDe will mention on how the Universe gave him a second chance and let him reborn with the same body and mind of the previous incarnation. The player will fight him (he will have the same stats he did when he left) and if they win, he will return to the party. If they LeDe will move to a new location and the player will have to fight him again.

If the player has collected only one or two of three needed itens, Lede alone will fight weaker versions of the bosses. They'll not merge. The outcome after the battle is the same as if the player chooses to break in, with LeDe leaving the party and killing himself. But when the player goes to meet the reborn LeDe, he will join the party with no fight and carring an piece of equipment related to the item the player carried when the boss was fought:

Girl's Tear: piece of equipment that raises defense against Dark (if possible, bestow immunity)
Murderer's Heart: piece of equipment that raises defense against Light (if possible, bestow immunity)
LeDe's Rose: piece of equipment that raises physical and magical defense, but sap's wearer's life.

The difficult of the bosses should be defined by these parameters:
-If player collected the 3 needed itens
-If player choose to break in
-LeDe's level
-LeDe's stats
-LeDe's learned skills

The easiest battle is if player chooses the break in. The hardest is if the player collects the 3 itens with maxed LeDe.