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http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp87/serrival/ARM%20Portraits/lilian.png Information
Owner Linearis
Race ???
Age ???
Height ???
Weight ???
Element Almighty
Weapon Scythe
Ultimate Weapon ???
Unique Skills
  • Calamity
  • Retribution
  • Aphelion
Voice Actor Linearis



Stats Lv1 Lv30
HP 89 1644
MP 19 185
Attack 17 79
Defense 15 66
Spirit 27 152
Agility 25 153

A mystic, mysterious girl who has been sealed away for many years passed on by legend after defeating and sealing off an evil deity which terrorized the world. She's seen in stories, portraits, and statues for hopes one day she will be awakened again. No one knows the reason why or how she was sealed away, so historians guessed she sealed herself away to keep governing the land spiritually in another dimensional plane. She's ultimately dubbed as a "Goddess" for her divine appearance and great deeds. It's unknown whether or not she truly is a Goddess, other than she wields incredible powers.

Lilian is introduced near the beginning of the game (though does not make a complete debut until half-way), but does not join the party until going through a series of quests to unlock her. There'll be plentiful skits, quests, and back-story deriving from Lilian as a reward for unlocking her. Other things for obtaining Lilian is her feathers which can be used for synthesis and reviving for a certain number of consecutive battles.

Unique Skill:

  • Calamity - Tap into power of alternative beings to shoot a large beam of crimson power, engulfing all targets. It's destructive power is enough to expunge a city.
  • Retribution - Tap into power of alternative beings to flood the area with spiritual energy, purging all targets. It's blinding light is able to brighten the darkest night.
  • Aphelion - Lilian's original and most powerful spell which is said to be a source of 'nothingness'. The dimensional gates open as an enormous ball of energy forms, engulfing and completely destroying all targets. This spell is so powerful, it can blow up the universe.

Favorite Quotes:

- "I remember this feeling..."

- "E-eh? We're fighting again?!"

- "I'll cover you."

- "Let's go!"

- "Can't I just fly away?"

- "...so that's how you want to play. Fine by me."

- "I feel a little funny how I'm seeing doubles."

- "Those things exist? I never knew that!"

- "Oh, oh! How about this?!"

- "E...etooo..."

Battle Quotes:

-Easybattlestart: ...must we really?

-Normalbattlestart: Alright, who's next?

-Hardbattlestart: Oh, this'll be fun!

-Bossbattlestart: I'll send you back to oblivion!

-Perfectwin: Whoohoo! Star finish!

-Normalwin: (Giggles) Now, that wasn't so bad.

-barelywin: Agh...nn...phew, we did it...

Party Lines:

  • Alastor: Come, my Guardian.
  • Sakura: Ah, Sakura. It's great to see you again.
  • Aria: No piggy backs.
  • Chaude: Sir Windchester, you seem to be in good spirits.
  • Araiya: ...please, don't come near me.

Special Quest:

Unlocking Lilian is a long and arduous task, but it is optional. It is ultimately about Lilian regaining her memories and powers as she lives in the Hand to ARM village. A few things are revealed, such as Lilian's real name. The quest to unlocking Lilian comes in four to six segments of dialogue, eventually required to fight secret bosses, rewarding tremendous amounts of experience. The activation of her quests appear as random cut scenes, but the player is optioned whether or not to visit her to trigger the event. If not after a certain amount of time, the player loses his opportunity complete the quest and recruiting Lilian to the party.