A Reyvateil's Melody: Game Wiki
Munegami Kizuna
Insert portrait of delicious trap
in school uniform here
Owner Lazy
Race Human
Age 16
Height 5'2"
Weight 115 lbs.
Element Surprise
Weapon Knuckles
Ultimate Weapon Parádeisos
Unique Skills
  • Ékrixi Trávmatos
  • Ekató Grothiés
  • Aktína Proëléfseos
Voice Actor Wistblade and ilutiern



Full name in kanji: 夢音香美 瑕無. A high schooler, often called "Kizna" by his friends. He finds female clothes comfortable, and thus always wears them. Loves singing, but his voice is simply put terrible, and that's one of the main reason why he barely has any friend. Dozes off often, especially in classes. Acts tough and speaks very rudely, but can also be kind and gentle when necessary.

Rarely has he revealed his background to anyone, but few, including Einzelblüte, know that he was born into a land named Metafalica, or, as he calls it, Outopía Psevdaisthíseos. It seems that the only reason why he came to this world was to support Einzelblüte, whom he calls "Aneue" (big sis).

Note: Kizuna always wears long sleeved clothes.




Atk: A

Def: B

Spr: C

Agi: B

Unique Skills:

  • Ékrixi Trávmatos: Attacks an enemy with Surprise element.
  • Ekató Grothiés: Hits an enemy multiple times.
  • Aktína Proëléfseos: Strikes all enemies from above with light of judgment. Ignores Protect.

Battle Quotes:

-Easybattlestart = Θα τελειώνω αυτό γρήγορα! (I'll end this quickly!)

-Normalbattlestart = Το τραγούδι μου... Η ελπίδα μου! (My song... My hope!)

-Hardbattlestart = Μία αληθινή πρόκληση! (A true challenge!)

-Bossbattlestart = Ω Θεοί, δίνετε δύναμη σε μένα! (O Gods, give me strength!)

-Perfectwin = Ήταν εύκολος. (That was easy.)

-Normalwin = Νίκη και Δικαιοσύνη! (Victory and Justice!)

-Barelywin = Έχω επιζήσει... Είμαι ζωντανός... (I've survived... I'm alive...)

Party Changer:

Οι Θεοί θα με προστατεύει. (The Gods will protect me.)