A Reyvateil's Melody: Game Wiki
http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp87/serrival/ARM%20Portraits/mysticaportrait.png Information
Owner MysticaFairy
Race Human
Age ???
Height ???
Weight ???
Element Dark, Ice
Weapon Gun, Fan
Ultimate Weapon Arcana - Eyes in the Mind
Unique Skills
  • Orbit of No Element
  • Magical Philosopher Stone
  • Butterfly "Deadly Blades"
Voice Actor None



A girl who's been recently on heartbroken (thanks to that incident...)She joined A Reyvateil's Melody because she found out that there's danger interfering with her plans in another world. Her strategy is to do whatever the ARMy asked her. Which is to unseal the power of a Mystical Being. She pretended to be one of the weak. She doesn't want to fill the atmosphere with rumors of another Dark Mystical Being. She hid her true powers for safety's sake. But even that she can't lower her level to that level unless of her physical strength. But shall danger arises where no one of the others can do, she will do one of her good spells. But she won't use it twice as if she's limiting herself. She prefers using gun imbued with magic, like gun that shoots magic stars, magic lasers. (to put this one short, Gun that is Magic based, which has good increase in Magic/Spirit) After the final battle... she decided to leave the ARMy alone. Because... she has another important task to do.... And she left without hearing the other's goodbye or request to come back... as if she is deaf to them... like an flying angel turned into flying innocent girl who lost her heart that she doesn't want to listen to anyone. She cannot die (not KO-ed like Hit Point goes 0 in battles) and will stay young unless she detonates herself. Which destroys everything and everything... into nothing.

Usually throws spells to anyone who is sneaking to her while sleeping (she always have sensitivity that predicts whenever someone gets too close to her when she's sleeping) or sneaking into her room. She sometimes join talking fun things (especially about the others, shopping, fancy things). She's not fond of people nearby either.Enjoys reading spells and examining magic on weapons. Sometimes taking the power inside it.Truly loves sweets (Cakes, Candies, anything like that). She also is good at making sweets (but she's still a mediocre at appetizers and etc.) And seems to can't have enough of it. And surprisingly won't get fat because of it too... Mostly likes to be alone.

Owner: MysticaFairy

Element: Dark - Ice

Weapon: Fan

Unique Skill:

Orbit of No Element = Non elemental magic damage by dropping a huge non-elemental explosive purple ball to the enemy.

Magical Philosopher Stone = Summon all-elemental stone to strike the enemy with different elemental damage.

Butterfly "Deadly Blades" = Shots a sphere into the sky and the sphere explodes into butterfly blades.

Favorite Quotes:

"I was prepared to beat you... with Miracle Hammer and Green Juice."

"It seems the mouse has entered my Private Square. Let's see... how to remove mouses." -> Mouses were referred to anyone who enter her room like a thief.

"If you can find their weakness... you can beat anyone."

Special Quest:

Available after 3/4 of the story.

There is said on a village where is near somewhere snowy, a Tower filled with ghosts and it's dark (Therefore called Tower of Dark Ghost). It said the legend gun was called "Arcana - Eyes in the Mind". The wielder is only one, and the one who possess it will have the ability to read the other's mind. But at the cost, once equipped, it cannot be stolen. The gun has the ability to move by itself and act, so that it'll be always loyal to it's owner. She decided to go inside. But upon entering... The others cannot go inside. There's a seal that only allows the chosen one only to enter. Upon entering. It seems like maze. And upon finding the gun, she faces a burning light that she must defeat.


Mystica: I... finally found it...

??????: Hmph!

Mystica: Who's there!?

??????: Who's here? Me of course!

She saw someone who resembles her enemy.

Mystica: So, it was you, huh?

??????: Long time no see, Mystica?

Mystica: You're a friend of him!

??????: So what? Give me the gun.

Mystica: You're planning to destroy the Church and the Reyvateils, do you?

??????: ....

Mystica: And you're planning to destroy the Heart of A Reyvateil's Melody, do you?

??????: Shut up! You're out of the league.

Mystica: Not with this Magic Gun. I have faith in it.

??????: And i won't lose to you! I shall take the gun and terrorize the Heart of A Reyvateil's Melody!

After that vicious battle... she said...

Mystica: So... you lose.

??????: W-w-wha..t?

Mystica: I'm not that weak. I'm new,

??????: R-rem..ember... th..that... he..'s... still... tor..turin..g... y..you..r.. h..ea..rt..

Mystica: ...

And thus... the journey continues.