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Seiru is the oldest brother of Miku and Neru. He is called "Nee-chan" and "Nii-chan" by his siblings. They look up to him, kind of. He acts childish and always teams up with his sister in his schemes. He makes the plans that gets them into tons of trouble. Optimistic that they will find a good home and become rich one day. A theif at heart, will do anything to get money, even steal. He spends most of his money buying wonderful plushies for his sister. He is greedy but he cares deeply for his family. His signature is his eye patch. When he was young, he was cursed due to his greediness. When he switches his eye patch, he can turn into the opposite gender. If the eye patch is one the left side, he is a girl, but when its on the right side, he becomes a boy. Without the eye patch he is unable to control the changes of his body. Constantly switching between the two whenever it likes. Any eye patch works as long as it serves its purpose. His personality still remains and thus he takes advantage of being a girl for his pervertedness.

Owner: Alastor

Element: Fire - Light

Weapon: Whip

Ultimate Weapon: Rajuugen

Voice Actor: Linearis (for female personality)

Unique Skill:

Soaring Claw - Charges at the enemy and punches them up in the air.

Eye of Power - Takes off eye patch, aura surrounds him and does critical slashes to enemies.

All for the Money - Charges at the enemy, pushes them and takes a large amount of money or valuables.

Favorite Quotes:

"Who says I can't pull off being a girl or a boy?"

" I'm a guy!! Stop confusing yourself, you idiots!!"

" Do you want this, nee-chan~?"

" Anything for you, nee-chan~!?"


" I'm the oldest one here! So I get first dibs on the wo--money!"

" So..Leaf is one then leaves means the plural of it! Leaves is my favorite word!"

" Money doesn't grow on trees. They grow on monsters and treasure chests!"

" If I plant a leaf, would that grow a money tree?"

" Nee-chan~!!"

" Nii-chan!"

Battle Quotes:

-Easybattlestart: Give me the money!

-Normalbattlestart: Seiru needs to buy new plushies for nee-chan! Money!

-Hardbattlestart: Um...We get alot of money if we win right?

-Bossbattlestart: You are not going to get any of my money whoever you are!

-Perfectwin: Booyah! I won that one with ease.

-Normalwin: This battle better be worth the money.

-barelywin: ....I-I should have bought this battle out...Ugh..