A Reyvateil's Melody: Game Wiki
Owner Meteor Weapon
Race Half-Human/Half-Destructor
Age 14
Height 158cm
Weight 48kg
Element Neutral
Weapon Heavy sword
Ultimate Weapon Abiteth Horn
Unique Skills
  • Void Scar
  • Destructive Instinct
  • Bladed Warth
Voice Actor



Finalizing Profile in progress

Full Name:Ryunaga Suika

A quiet girl who is temporarily staying in an unknown forest. She is easily recruitable just by having Yura talking to her, and is easily miss-able due to the fact she has a time limit of 7 days to recruit her.

Her origin was not known and she was not of this world. For some reason, she got stranded into ARM world and to make it worst, her Suppressor seemed to malfunction forcing her to be stuck at the lowest rank the Suppressor could have force on her, Rank F, the strength of an average hero. Though are suggestions told to her to destroy the Suppressor instead, she states that this item is nearly indestructible. Though her strength is in Rank F, she is not to be underestimate due to her movement speed and brute strength. A her accuracy is quite low due to the heavy sword she’s wielding and her current rank.

Though people’s first impression towards her as a cold, unfriendly and unsocial person, she opens up to anyone who tries hard enough to befriend with her. Though she always makes threats to people who makes her angry, she never really does it and meant it as a joke. Though there are people who took her jokes too seriously. One of her joke threats is “Pay me One Billion Leaf and I’ll forgive you…”

Due to her flatness, people always mistaken her as a shota.


  • ATK-S
  • DEF-B
  • SPD-A
  • ACC-D


  • Void Scar- Creates a destructive vacuum hole with a single slash. Damaging a row of enemy.
  • Destructive Instinct- Suika shares a bit of her destructive energy to allies, though sometimes it may not work. Raises critical rate and critical damage by 60% to all allies for 5 turns.
  • Bladed Warth- Suika somehow momentarily unlocks her Suppressor, which allows her to use her Drive Form, unleashing a bit of her true strength, in this form her hair grows longer and a lot more spiky and have dark blue transparent bladed wings behind her. She points her hand forward, then engulfs the whole area where enemies are with invisible blades, hitting them many times to the point where the space continuum of the area where the enemies are starting to break down, and shatter.

Fav Quotes-

"Go die in fire...."(when she hates someone)

"None of my business..."(when she does not care a certain situation)

"Give me 1 Billion Leaf and I'll forgive you."(when someone does something wrong and ask her forgiveness)

"Joke"(stating her believable jokes, such as the above statement)

"Im a girl you shotacon..."

Battle Quotes

Easy Battle: "Get lost, you're not worth the points"

Normal Battle: "Annoying scum."

Hard Battle: "Tch...this is a pain..."

Boss Battle: "Here it comes..."

Perfect Win: "....thats it?"

Normal Win: "Try harder next time...."

Barely Win: "Tch.....stupid Suppressor."

Party Changer


(Ventus in party,after event "Showoffs Tend to Bring Disaster", Phase 3 only): "Where's my One Billion Leaf?"