Owner LoneReyvateil
Race Humanoid Alien, 4D-Being (current: Incubator)
Height 165 cm (current: catsize)
Weight 50 kg (current: 5kg)
Element None
Weapon Chúi* (chinese maces, usually wielded as a pair)
Ultimate Weapon Star-Breakers
Unique Skills
  • Payday: „Thaaat isss- PAYDAY!“
  • Deadline: „Deadline draws near!“
  • Cosmic Gyroscope
Voice Actor -




Strength: B

Defense: C

Spirit: B

Agility: B

Accuracy: A

Evasion: B

Critical: B


Her fur is entirely black, beside white „socks“ that go up from her pawns (like siamese cats but inserted) that fading slowly to black. The „hands“ (those things that are attached then attacked to Kyubeys ears and Jubeys fur-necklace), are growing out of her shoulderblades and thus resembling a bit wings. She doesn`t have the typical red-pinkish incubator-sigil on her body, but something similar with a crossbar in it (see trivia) and it is located on the back of her right „hand“. Her eyes are more like laying ovals or very round-edged rectangles. (Compared to Kyubeys complete round eyes or Jubeys normal oval eyes. )


„Well, where to start? I am an interdimensional traveller with a mission. What? Sorry, can`t tell you that now. Unless you aren`t going to make a contract with me. Why I crashed with my ship? That were some souvenirs, from my last meeting with the military forces, from the last world I visited. I gathered data, learned the currently used language from that world Hm, somewhere I have an unfinished download from a package that was coded 'NewTestamentofPastalie.lng', oh, I wander from the topic...Maybe I was a bit too hasty. Maybe, I shouldn`t have mentioning humans. Maybe I should just have taken the energy and- stealing? How can it be stealing by something that floats around and is sended willingly by those lifeforms? Hm, of course they seemed to have the same viewpoint like you and attacked me without warning. Anyway, I was lucky enough, to find a Dimensional Rift to flee, before being wiped from Ar Ciel. Well, I won`t give up on that world, since they already invented lifeforms with an high emotional output. We have just to find a way, to rearrange our contracts to fit the new bill and avoiding that irrational H.E.B.I, that governs the place. I mean, the inhabitants of that world have to be at least half that nuts as their leaders. I mean, they stay on their artificial continents, while the planets core decompose since centuries and they seem to me more afraid of Interstellar Trepassers, than anything. Since they have this inefficient Shield and- yes, Back to your question. I landed in the orbit of an unknown planet, but my ship was still losing energy and was in need of rest. To save energy, I decided just to take a little nap and what happened? Despite running on auto-pilot, my ship was pulled into the gravity of that planet and- crashed down, it seems. That or someone just digged that huge crater around us, just to irritate me. And since there wasn`t enough energy to restore my former body, the Samsara protocol picked the next available organic form, that was possible to materialize and sustain. A bit strange without blood or organs, but that`s just a cosmetic problem, really. So, do you want to make a contract with me?“

Personality :

She doesn`t like it, when people nickname her just as Tama-chan, since she takes that as an aggressive act to sever her link with her ship, when they „forget“ the „go“. But she is okay with Tamago-chan, even if this defies the logic of nicknames in the first place. But who cares about human logic? She is an alien after all and her common-sense is just the same- alienlike. As an example, when people start talking about eating eggs, she asks them, when they had the chance to gather enough pieces from her, to make a dish out of it. ( Asking her to be disgusted or horrified is too much to beg.) That is partly failure of her sometimes malfunctioning translator sometimes, inserts her name instead of just saying „egg“. She will express just mildly concern, but not trying to run away or begging for her live. But she is also surprised, that there was a plant already named after herself.

She doesn`t care if her current vessel dies, but she doesn`t approve it, since it will take time and energy and from „okaasan“ to regenerate the damage. The only thing she cares naturally is her ship, since it is her second home, only transportation-vehicle, mother and shield on her long journeys. Make a dent in it and you can prepare to meet hell. More creepier that with the stiff facial expressions of the incubators, there will be no warning changes in her expression, when she punches you into oblivion for it. Tamago isn`t bothered by the personality of the person she mets and offering a contract, as long he or she has the sufficient qualities to make one, in a very childish manner. Then she will stalk this person merciless, until he gives up and agrees or dies or she finds another one. She would care less, if that person would be an omnicidal maniac, an evil overlord or a psychopathic massmurderer, as long she fullfills her goals.

She seems to have a little problem with pronoms, since she seems to mix up the meanings of „We“ and „I“ randomly. „Us“ also doesn`t exist in her vocabulary. There is never an „us“, just an „I“ and „You/Them“ in her understanding. Could also be, because of cultural differences. People with magic are excluded from her quirks, but reyvateils have caught her interest a bit, since theoretically they are like walking batteries in her understanding. Persuade her from the opposite would cost more time, than people are willing to invest, since she is only a creep in the eyes of others.

Unique skills:

Payday: „Thaaat isss- PAYDAY!“: Enemy is buried under a mountain of gold coins.

Deadline: „Deadline draws near!“: Doubles the speed of your party members.

Cosmic Gyroscope: Enemy is crushed under her spinning weapons (design: Weapons grow in size and spinning the opponents into the ground, like a mad drill)

Favorite quotes:

-„What do you have against incubators? They are the most amazing technology around! How dare you to insult Mami-chan?“

-„Don`t dare to scratch that!“

-„Immature? Me? I have matured five times in a row, so don`t give me that 'I am so more adult than thou'-crap!“

-„Of course, I know that game-characters with momy-issues are the first one to fail. Popular example: Sephiroth. Hoon? You don`t know who that is? Does Ayatane ring a bell? Ok, lost case I see. Well, I don`t mind it.“

-„Fourth wall? Nonsense. Such a things doesn`t exists since I am an four-dimensional-being.“

Battle quotes:

-Easy battle start = What a waste of hard collected energy.

-Normal battle start = Come on, I have work to do!

-Hard battle start = Was ki ga...dazrit! Just kill the damn thing!

-Boss battle start = Look under „L“ like „Losing“!

-Perfect win = Perfection is the point, where stagnation begins.

-Normal win = Those inferior beasts, begged for the mercy of my steel.

-Barely win = Suggestion. Read the manual again, before rushing into the enemy!

Party changer:

„I will do everything in my powers, to help. That equals zero.

With LeDe: „Ah, Mr. Akudere it was, right?“

With Joel: "My survival-rate drops significantly."

  • Side notes for weapon: If not used she wraps them in a special aluminium-like foil (for protection against oxidation) und thus, they appear like big Lollipops. Big, deadly lollipops. (even made with alien-technology, the alloy is very vulnerable to the environmental condition of the ARM-world.)
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