A Reyvateil's Melody: Game Wiki


Name: Tsubasa Leiss Alteisse / Tsubasa lex.IshXion / Tsubasa foue Eldina

Age: Physically 16, real age four years younger than Sora

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 65 kg

A 'lex' (pronounced L-ex), emperor of Eldina, hails from Locria Fuln. A tactical genius who always put emotionless face, always act on base of "balance". When core gone, his power of great magic greatly diminished and disaster starts to wreak havoc in his world. True enough, he then goes on a journey to find the core, and reunited with Sora and Kakeru.

Tsubasa is the youngest of the four, yet is the one who calms down specific two when they're in argument. He's an Alteisse, which mean generally he's emotionless, although the truth he's just very shy and smiling too much will hurt his face due to he's not used to it. He act like he don't know his relation to Sora and others, and the fact that four of them are cousins. Tsubasa hid under his stoic facial expression an impish nature where he generally have fun doing pranks with his "curse tags", clothes stripping feather fan, exploding pants, balding tea, cursed feathers and hair that have nature to grows at 1 meter per second (three meters per second at other peoples). His issue, ironically, is his own hair itself, that he often controls by drinking anti-hairgrowth tea. His hobby is doing something "supposedly for housewives", such as cooking, knitting, ETC.

Quotes: "... Please come again, your company would be very much appreciated"

"... Would you... care to do card gamble with me?"

"... ... -snrk-"

"... Fu... fufufufu.... AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ow! Uh... my face..."

"... I consider that as a challenge... how foolish of you..."