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Vladmir (Vlad) Rylae Zaffa
http://oi44.tinypic.com/35k1u90.jpg Information
Owner Geiky
Race Cat-Human (Genetically alternated human due to an incident on his past)
Age 19
Height 175 cm
Weight 69 kg
Element Dark
Weapon Bow
Ultimate Weapon Scorpius
Unique Skills
  • KROV’ DOZHD’ ~ Psikhicheskoaya Phantazii~
  • ANTI-AVALON ~Drago in Tenebres~
  • RYTMISKA MASTERS TVÅ ~ Sista Lovtal för Döda Tvillingarna~
Voice Actor Geiky

A young man from the world of Almeddia, victim of a horrible accident that changed his body and spirit completely. Born in a family of Alchemy adepts, he developed a strong link with necromancy and the dark arts, influenced by his father’s studies, and reinforced by the power of the philosopher’s stone’s shard he bears in his chest. Vladmir was thrown deep in the spirals of time, and ended up in a completely different plane, where he senses his brother’s footsteps, who also was severely mutated. However, different from his younger brother Geiky, Vladmir throws away his past memories and enlists himself in a mercenary group, quickly advancing and becoming their leader. Yet, he cannot hide the fact that he feels his little brother’s presence somewhere in this world, and that irks him -- for he doesn’t want to go back to those days in Almeddia, to the people who used him and toyed with his emotions. From such a desire, he grows a deep feeling of hatred towards his own sibling.

An expert in archery, he developed superior vision and rigid arm muscles to carry a very heavy composite bow, infused with the power of Necromancy. In terms, Vlad could be a Lich even, given his ease in managing the souls of the dead, and his profound mastery in the dark arts. Carrying Scorpius, his Guardian Spirit and the lord of Blood, his arrows can cause severe wounds, and also consume the spirits of his enemies.

Vladmir was once a very sweet boy and a lover of life. Nurturing the bonds and cherishing family and friends as the most important things in life, yet his life took a major change once he got into high-school. Pressured by his friends to find the true “masculinity” inside him, he darkened his clothes and adorned himself as a “bad-boy” forgetting everything he had learn from the culture of the Rylae Zaffa family, including his own brother, with whom he had a very strong bond. Basically, one could say that he became a delinquent, losing all manners and pride. It is rumored that he was even involved in a rape case back in his homeland, however the truth remains concealed. Personality-wise, Vladmir is almost always cold, and seldom cares for others. Having arrogance as his major weapon, it’s rare to see him calling a person “friend”. But that’s because he just wants to show people that he’s strong emotionally by denying every possibility of warmth and kindness from himself. Truth to be told, it gets annoying and uncharacteristic of his age (even though he is already immature most of the time), plus he cannot hide his weakness every time he flips about others. Too bad he gives people such a bad first impression, that they fail to see that maybe he just wants a hug…




Strength: A

Defense: C

Speed: C

Spirit: B

Unique Skills

KROV’ DOZHD’ ~ Psikhicheskoaya Phantazii~

“Vladmir throws an arrow to the sky, and it charges itself with darkness, exploding into multiple shots, each infused with a dead soul, that explodes into skeleton heads. Small damage to a group of enemies, drains a small portion of HP.

ANTI-AVALON ~ Draco in tenebris ~

“Vladmir summons a dragon of bones and imbues it with a thousand evil souls. His breath is made of venom and hatred, who consumes the souls of enemies”. Medium~High damage to a group of enemies with a chance of inflicting poison. Drains a medium amount of HP."

RYTMISKA MASTERS TVÅ ~ Sista Lovtal för Döda Tvillingarna~

~ “Vladmir’s Ultimate Skill. He summons the revenant swordsman twins Richard and Alfred, who bombard the enemies with slashes, and then bind them in a circle of dark magic, where he finishes with a concentrated arrow of energy to the center of the circle, absorbing all the lost souls and causing an explosion of darkness and laments.” Very High Damage to a group of enemies, absorbs a high amount of HP and has a 50% chance to instantly kill the targets.


“God? Pfft, don’t make me laugh. ”


“I wonder how that kitty is doing…”

“Void your spirit and follow only reason – Only then you will obtain true power.”

“Cut the crap and get directly to the point, I hate walking in circles.”

“I-It’s not like I have cat ears because I want to! A-and I’m NOT cute!”

“D-don’t touch me! U-ugh, I hate people like you!”

“Bonds? Love? I don’t have time for that nonsense."

Battle Quotes

-Easy Battle Start: “Embrace the umbra of thy weakness and fall!”

-Normal Battle Start: “I’ll make sure to send each and every one of your souls to their deserved place”

-Hard Battle Start: “I don’t mind shedding some blood for this one.”

-Boss Battle Start: “Guard me, oh Mother…”

-Perfect Win: “Well, now that was utterly ridiculous."

-Normal Win: "Such precious souls. Nyaha~ It was worth the trouble."

-Barely Win: “Forgive my weakness, Father… ”

Party Changer Quotes

“I-It’s not like I want to go with you! I have no choice, okay?! ”

Geiky in Party: “Don’t slow me down, brother! I won’t look out for you if you get in trouble!”

Kaius in Party: A-ack! *gulp* H-how are you d-doing, M-mister K-Kaius?

Kaius and Geiky in Party: Heh, even God can’t beat us now!

LeDe in party: Yo buddy, let’s take a sip after battle, eh? *chuckles*

LeDe and Kaius in Party: Oh crap…

LeDe and Geiky in Party: Poison meets death who meets chaos. This can’t end in a good way.