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Ar tonelico: A Reyvateil's Melody, shortened as ARM: Game is a 2-D RPG-game created using RPGMakerVX produced by Trass and the fellow ARM community. The game was originally graphed from Lazy's fanfiction where ilutiern attempted to make the doujin whereas Trass attempted to make the game. ARM: Game has a wide-range of characters with different personalities respectfully owed by their creators, and races from humans, reyvateils, aliens, witches, mystics, and (one) divine-god like entities. The game also consists a huge variety of CG's and music beautifully drawn and sung by the artists in the Silver Horn section.

The story begins in the main character (Yura)'s home returning from school. After a eerie conversation with his mother; who ends up missing the following day, he's sucked into another dimension the following day. The setting for the game is Yura wandering around a strange world and meeting new friends, eventually reuniting with his friend, Shefra, as he discovers the truth behind his existence. The plot mainly focuses on Yura as a key to make everyone's wish be granted as explained by a character later introduced in the game. Despite this, the game is balanced by the comical intervals the other characters bring, changing the dynamics and speculations of the game if referring to the cover.

The game will consist of 100+ characters based on the forums members who will live together in a village (castle) of ARM to Hand as their base. With the item synthesizing system inspired by the item synthesizing systems in GUST games, and playful skits and conversations, ARM promises a lengthy gameplay, and fun atmosphere and environment. Another bonus comes with voice-acting during battle scenes and other important skits relative to the main storyline.




Players may explore the field, town, and other areas with the common set of commands with the arrow keys (WASD). Yura is leader by default, followed by a long caterpillar of characters. You can save in the World Map anytime, and find Save Points in dungeons and towns which restore your health. Each town presents the NPC's, shopkeepers, items, armor, and weaponry; and a bonus of a goddess statue planted in the town's square; later revealed as to why. Each town also has a merchant who will constantly bribe you with money after acquiring a certain item. There is always an event happening in each town as characters often make their appearance. There is a side quest which allowed you to switch party leader in world map and battle.


WASD/Arrow Keys - Control Character

0 (Zero)/X - Open up Menu

Q & W - Switch between characters in the main menu (ie.Equip)

Spacebar - Enter


ARM: Game features a turn-based battle system similar to Dragon Quest. There will be up to 6 fighters (or 8 in some cases) as the active party while the others remain on standby. The size in party varies depending on the situation. As the original size of the party is 6, special missions varies from 4 or 8, and 8-100 (with switching party members in-battle feature) in special battles. Monsters will be wandering around the field map similar to the Tales series, which you can freely run into and engage battle. The screen will show the monsters and the names of the active team on the lower half of the screen. Each character is given a set of universal skills to use for spells and weapon skills due to the limitations of RPGMakerVX. Everyone is able to select up to two elements maximum and have three unique skills; two special and one ultimate plus their strongest weapon. There is no battler image for the characters, but there will be some who's image will appear after casting their ultimate spells. At the end of each battle, experience points are awarded to all party members whereas extras are granted to those in the active team. The game also has voice-overs where characters say their battle quotes to lively-up the battle system aside from music and slaughtering enemies.


Characters are allowed to have two elements in their slots. Elements play a major role for all players even those with a lacking sense of charisma. The spells are universal, characters with the same element will obtain the same spells, but their power may differ depending on their Spirit. Support and Healing spells are distributed differently to all characters as it is not a fully accessible element (?). The element which dominates over all stated below is Almighty, which is a combination of all the elements.

Neutral - No representation. You have no elemental affinity or have neither in particular. You have a human-average resistance to spell casting, if not slightly above to withstand them.

Support & Healing - No representation. These spells are randomly distributed to characters. Healing and supportive magic is very handy when dealing with tough opponents. Be sure to have one or two supporters with you!

Earth - Represented as rock. This element is hefty and rumbles the earth itself. Summons and calls for earthquakes and spikes to stab and throw opponents off balance. Down to the earth and balanced, they can even withstand the toughest of winds.

Fire - Represented as a flickering flame. This element manipulates the air to conduct fire, then releases it in heat waves. This element is very explosive and knowledgeably powerful, it can even make the strongest of solids into liquids, depending on its components.

Wind - Represented as a green whirlwind. This element manipulates the air to backlash their opponents, it may even cause confusion. Depending on the caster's level of efficiency, they can even summon a tornado, wiping the enemies side clean.

Water - Represented as a bubble. This element calls upon the depths of. They can summon a barrage of water at will to drown their opponents even if they're miles away from such bodies. They have no control over the water's temperature.

Ice - Represented as an ice cube. This element are those who can handle the cold weather through their hands or extended arm. They have the ability to freeze a small ground or atmosphere by mere concentration.

Lightning - Represented as a ball of purple electricity surrounded by white cackle. This element has high chance of paralysis and stun, having plentiful area of effect spells which deals damage to the enemies lines.

Light - Represented as a flicker of yellow and white light. This element is the essence of purity and holiness. This has blinding effects and purifying spectrum.

Dark - Represented as a black and purple swirl. This element refers to shadows and silence techniques which sabotages the foes eyesight and sometimes movement.

Spirit - Represented as a black swirl. This element uses the caster's body as a medium to bring forth spiritual energy to throw at their opponents. Depending on the caster's spiritual level determines the elements style of execution to the player's fascination.

Surprise - Represented as a yellow star encased in a orange circle. This element is comical and random, bringing forth the most randomizing things onto the battle field from stars to exploding treasure chests. Characters who yield to this element have a comical sense of humor, tricksters, and random, coming from one's imagination.

Almighty - Represented as a white feather. All of elements comprised into one. This also includes healing and support arts. Characters who possess this element have all the magical skill set as well as combo magic. Only one character has this element.



The setting takes place in another dimension unknown to the main character. Some characters, like Yura, are also mysteriously brought onto this strange world no one particularly knows. The world is strongly based on fantasy similar to the Ar tonelico universe with the gratifying mixture of fantasy and technology. There is also a huge tower which you are led to as part of the main story.


See also: Character's Database

The game wields over 100+ characters with different personalities, likes, and interests. This enormous amount of characters reveals different opinions which eventually turn into skits, and even major contrasts. Examples of different characters is Yura; a timid and quiet boy who uses light weapons, and Giuletta; a tsundere-tentacle woman who masters a rapier. Some characters may engage in romance and build new friendships depending on the player's gameplay. Different combination's of party members may even lead to such side-quests. For example: if Lilian and Alastor fight 5 battles in the active party, their first romance skit is triggered. Some events may give you item, as well as insights to the characters members gradually develop on. Some characters have no correlation to the main story line, and branched off as comical relief characters to break away from such intensities that may develop on.


The music in the game is a mixture of soundtracks from other games, originals (vocals and/or instrumentals), and vocal covers shared by the ARM community. A widely known original piece is EXEC_with.METHOD_REVATAIL_HYMMNE/., lyrics created by the community and the official melody crafted by Trass, sung by Phira and Linearis. There will be familiar hymns returning to the game sung by other singers in the musical department. In the story, such pieces are either played in the background or 'sung' by the character during a skit. Original pieces and vocal covers are placed in (fake) CD's, released in albums in the following order by character: Lilian (vol.I), Sakura, (vol.II), ???, etc..

Opening theme

  • BASARA (Instrumental) by GUST Sound Team (Daisuke Achiwa)

Insert Songs



Ending theme

A Reyvateil's Melody: Game Hymns[]

Here are the lyrics to all of the completed original Hymns in the game.



Script De-Bugger/Editor[]

(Main) Storyline Developers/Proofreaders[]

  • Fayharn
  • AD-chan

Dialogue Proofreaders[]

Town Script Creators & Editors[]

  • Alastor

Map Development[]

Character Cards[]

  • Fayharn

CG Artists[]

  • sol-aria
  • Cantor di Hirose
  • Nironeru

Concept Arts[]

Battler Artists[]

  • Alastor

Hymmnos Translators[]

Music & Sound Effects[]

Voice Actors[]

  • Dexas
  • Alastor's sister

Game bugs[]

This section is for keeping track of any problems in the game, and the current workarounds/fixes, at least until Trass uploads a fixed version.

Warning: There may be some spoilers in this section

Reported by kairi_key[]

These were reported here:

  • The voice in the Demo is not loud enough to stand out from the BGM.
  • The voice is not very clear to listen to, too (more of a mic and voice actor problem)
    • But voice files can still be adjusted
  • Looping in BGMs needs to be improved